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Villagers Of Banpur Take Matters In Their Own Hand To End Open Defecation

Gumla Village Poster

Villagers Of Banpur Take Matters In Their Own Hand To End Open Defecation

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Since its inception, the Swachh Bharat campaign has been guiding people towards a cleaner India.

In the Banpur hamlet of Gumla Village, for instance, the villagers are working together to spruce up the locality.

Talks of cleanliness and hygiene have spread like wildfire in this district of Jharkhand. The residents have undertaken Swachh Bharat activities on their own and are working to make the locality a better place to live.

Gumla Village

Inspired Into Action

Blessed by the beauty of nature, the region is surrounded by lush greens, hills, and rivers. Carved out of Ranchi District, it is characterised by quaint kutcha houses. Agriculture is the sole means of livelihood for which the community is completely dependent on the monsoons.

The residents of the district immediately began planning as soon as they heard about the nation-wide clean-up effort. They learnt about the importance of toilets in contributing to the health and well-being of the village as well as preserving their dignity. A community meeting was held, where they discussed the construction of toilets and the benefits.

Marching Ahead With Determination

According to the Zila Swachh Bharat Prerak (ZSBP), the villagers took up the challenge of ending open defecation by building their own toilets. The entire operation was financed privately. The community took a loan of Rs 2 lakhs from their Sangathan and another of Rs 1.5 lakhs from the bank. These funds were invested in the construction of 85 toilets.

This whole process came as a pleasant surprise to the district administration. While the administration had previously carried out an awareness programme, they were unaware of the community’s activity. The idea of self-financing by the community has set a remarkable example.

Achieving What They Set Out For

The structures consist of one toilet with a substructure of twin pits. The community’s efforts to achieve ODF status without any support from the district administration impressed the ZSBP. Saluting them, the administration has stepped in to help them complete their mission.

With 32 toilets already completed, the villagers have received support from the authorities to construct the remaining 53. By taking matters into their own hands, the community has shown that a Swachh Bharat truly begins at home.


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