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Tag Archives: Madhya Pradesh

Agar Malwa Poster

Agar Malwa District Cleans Up Their Act!

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Open defecation was such a deeply ingrained habit in the Agar Malwa district that anyone walking through the villages could accidentally step over faeces.

Mistri No 1

Mistri No.1 – A 10-Day Toilet Building Competition

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Keeping up with the trend of competition-based reality shows to attract large audiences, the district administration of Barwani in Madhya Pradesh (MP) organised ‘Mistri No.1’ – a 10-day toilet building competition.

Tushar Motivates Kumhari Village1

Tushar Motivates Kumhari Village To Become ODF

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Kumhari Panchayat Cleans Up Its Act

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has been spreading through the country with fervour, and inspiring stories of progress and change have been pouring in from every corner.