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Ravi Ranjan Poster

Bihar Couple Takes The ‘Eighth Vow’ Of Cleanliness

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Seven Vows (Saat ‘Phere’) are considered to be an important ritual in a Hindu wedding.

Gumla Village Poster

Villagers Of Banpur Take Matters In Their Own Hand To End Open Defecation

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Since its inception, the Swachh Bharat campaign has been guiding people towards a cleaner India.


American Woman Proactively Stands For Cleaner India, Ends Open Defecation Across Villages

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The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has inspired both Indian citizens and foreign nationals residing in India to contribute to a cleaner India by 2019. Marta Vanduzer-Snow, an American PhD student who has been in India for the past 3 years, has succeeded in bringing about what can be called a revolutionary change in rural India.


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