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Students Teach Everyone A Lesson In Hygiene

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Students Teach Everyone A Lesson In Hygiene

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Good work requires less money and more willpower.

Two students of Anna University have proved this. The duo designed and created a toilet-cum-bathroom that can be built on an all-time low expense that is lesser than the Government’s granted allowance of 12000 INR per toilet for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Anna University

Faces Behind The Innovation 

S. Jerome Samuel and I. Balasubramanian, second-year students in the postgraduate department of Structural Engineering at Anna University, have created the first prototype of this toilet-cum-bathroom in the campus. It is used by security guards in women’s hostel, and they are quite satisfied with it.

The Structural Part

The engineering behind this innovation lays a foundation in the very method of putting to use what is readily available. The duo has used reinforced concrete sheets that serve as walls. They have asked suppliers to provide pre-carved holes in the panels to fit the pipeline without damaging the structure. Additionally, they have used concrete pillars to hold the structure, while the roof is covered with a coloured metal sheet. The septic tank is paved three and a half feet deep and supported by reinforced concrete rings that are quite common in wells.

What Experts Say

This noble project is guided by Professor N. Sakthiswaran, a faculty member. He has vouched for the sustainability of this structure and claimed that additional work of waterproof painting or tiling on the walls will safeguard it from water seepage.

The Dean of Anna University’s regional campus, Mr G. Saktinathan, sees the potential of a cost-effective ODF solution with this structure. Implementing this low-cost toilet can be made more economical if the beneficiaries can dig the foundation for the structure and the septic tank. He is confident that a large-scale production will further reduce the cost.

Quick And Cost-Effective

This toilet-cum-bathroom plan designed by the duo is not only a cheaper but also a faster alternative compared to the traditional method of building toilets. This simple construction can be completed within 5 hours of digging the plot for the septic tank and laying the base. Moreover, it will be ready for use just after 12 hours.

Comfort, privacy, and safety are the three words that encompass the broader need of building a toilet in every household. With youngsters coming up with innovations that reduce the cost and time for building a toilet, we are moving one step closer towards achieving the bigger target – to establish India as an open defecation-free nation by 2 October 2019.

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